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LMH_CSM_1.5oz_50in_yard   1.5 oz Chopped Strand Mat, 50" wide, per yard
LMH_cloth_10oz_50_yard   10 oz Woven Cloth, 50" wide, per yard
LMH_biax_DB1200_14in_roll   12 Biaxial Tape, 14" wide, 50 Yd. roll
LMH_biax_DB1200_6in_roll   12 Biaxial Tape, 6" wide, 50 Yd. roll
LMH_biax_DB1200_8in_roll   12 Biaxial Tape, 8" wide, 50 Yd. roll
LMH_biax_DB1200_50_yard   12 oz Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth, 50" wide, no mat, per yard
LMH_biax_DB1700_50_yard   17 oz Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth, 50" wide, no mat, per yard
LMH_biax_1708_yard   1708 Biaxial Fiberglass Cloth, 50" wide, per yard
LHM_biax_DB1708_12in_yard   1708 Biaxial Tape, 12" wide, per yard
LHM_cup_2-1-2quart   2.5 Quart mixing cup, graduated
LMH_cloth_4oz_30_yard   4 oz Woven Cloth, 30" wide, per yard
LMH_cloth_4oz_50_yard   4 oz Woven Cloth, 50" wide, per yard
LMH_cloth_4oz_60_yard   4 oz Woven Cloth, 60" wide, per yard
KG_4incover   4" roller cover for Kiwigrip
LMH_cloth_6oz_50_roll   6 oz Woven Cloth, 50" wide, full roll 110 yards
LMH_cloth_6oz_50_yard   6 oz Woven Cloth, 50" wide, per yard
LMH_tape_6oz_3_roll   6 oz Woven Tape, 3" wide, 50 yd roll
LMH_tape_6oz_3_yard   6 oz Woven Tape, 3" wide, per yard
LMH_tape_6oz_4in_roll   6 oz Woven Tape, 4" wide, 50 yd roll
KG_9incover   9" roller cover for Kiwigrip
Airex_T92_1in_4x8_each   Airex T92 foam core, 1" thick, 48x96
Airex_T92_1-2_4x8_each   Airex T92 foam core, 1/2" thick, 48x96
Airex_T92_3-4_4x8_each   Airex T92 foam core, 3/4" thick, 48x96
Airex_T92_3-8_4x8_each   Airex T92 foam core, 3/8" thick, 48x96
LHM_breathercloth_60in_yard   Breather Cloth, 60" wide, per yard
LHM_foam_2lb_6gallon   Buoyancy Foam, 2lb, expanding A/B foam, 6 gallon kit
CC_lampanel_20mm   Carbon Core, laminated panel, 20mm, 48"x96"
CC_lampanel_25mm   Carbon Core, laminated panel, 25mm, 48"x96"
LHM_carbon_5.7twill_50in_yard   Carbon Fiber, 2x2 twill, 5.7 oz, 50" wide, per yard
LHM_hybridblue_5oz_50in_yrd   Carbon/Kevlar Hybrid (BLUE), 2x2 twill, 5 oz, 50" wide, per yard
LHM_hybridgreen_5oz_50in_yrd   Carbon/Kevlar Hybrid (GREEN), 2x2 twill, 5 oz, 50" wide, per yard
LHM_hybridred_5oz_50in_yrd   Carbon/Kevlar Hybrid (RED), 2x2 twill, 5 oz, 50" wide, per yard
LHM_hybridyellow_7oz_50in_yrd   Carbon/Kevlar Hybrid (YELLOW), 2x2 twill, 7 oz, 50" wide, per yard
CC_Carbonfoam_frp_HD_3-4in   CarbonFoam Fiber Reinforced Panel, Heavy Duty 28lb, 3/4" thick, 48x96
CC_Carbonfoam_frp_LD_1-2in   CarbonFoam Fiber Reinforced Panel, Light Duty 15lb, 1/2" thick, 48x96
CC_Carbonfoam_frp_LD_1-4in   CarbonFoam Fiber Reinforced Panel, Light Duty 20lb, 1/4" thick, 48x96
LHM_console_skiff1   Center Console, skiff
LHM_chipbrush_1in   Chip Brush, 1", each
LHM_chipbrush_2in   Chip Brush, 2", each
LHM_chipbrush_3in   Chip Brush, 3", each
LHM_choppedglass_1lb   Chopped Glass Strands, 1 lb.
Coosa_BW_1_in   Coosa Bluewater 26. Fiber Reinforced Panel, Heavy Duty 26lb, 1" thick, 48x96
Coosa_BW_3-4_in   Coosa Bluewater 26. Fiber Reinforced Panel, Heavy Duty 26lb, 3/4" thick, 48x96
LHM_coffinbox   Custom Coffin Box
LHM_custompart_1   Custom Part, $1 increment
LM_5521_810-2   Empty Caulk tubes, 2 pack
LHM_caulktube   Empty Caulk tubes, each
LHM_kit_20tunnel   Epoxy Fiberglass kit for 20 tunnel skiff
LHM_kit_skiff17   Epoxy Fiberglass kit for Shine Skiff 17
LHM_pigment_4oz   Epoxy pigment, 4oz
LHM_pigment_8oz   Epoxy pigment, 8oz
LHM_pump_1oz   Epoxy Pumps, 1 oz, each
LHM_repairkit   Epoxy/Fiberglass Repair Kit
KS_wide_100grit_foot   Fairing Board Sandpaper, 4.5" wide, PSA back, 100 grit, per foot
KS_wide_220grit_foot   Fairing Board Sandpaper, 4.5" wide, PSA back, 220 grit, per foot
KS_wide_40grit_foot   Fairing Board Sandpaper, 4.5" wide, PSA back, 40 grit, per foot
LHM_filletblend_8oz   Fillet Blend, 1/2 lb.
LHM_JW_hatchgutter_fishbox   finished fiberglass hatch (GUTTER ONLY), fish box
LHM_JW_hatchgutter_large   finished fiberglass hatch (GUTTER ONLY), large
LHM_JW_hatchgutter_small   finished fiberglass hatch (GUTTER ONLY), small rectangle
LHM_JW_hatchgutter_square   finished fiberglass hatch (GUTTER ONLY), square
LHM_JW_hatchgutter_trapezoid   finished fiberglass hatch (gutter only), trapezoid
LHM_JW_hatch_fishbox   finished fiberglass hatch, fish box
LHM_JW_hatch_large   finished fiberglass hatch, large
LHM_JW_hatch_ovallivewell   finished fiberglass hatch, oval livewell
LHM_JW_hatch_small   finished fiberglass hatch, small rectangle
LHM_JW_hatch_smallsquare   finished fiberglass hatch, small square
LHM_JW_hatch_square   finished fiberglass hatch, square
LHM_JW_hatch_trapezoid   finished fiberglass hatch, trapezoid
LHM_foamrollercover_9in   Foam Roller Covers 9 in with 3/16" Nap
SC_frp500_panel_3-8in_4x8   FRP panel, 3/8" thick, 4'x8'
SC_frp525_panel_3-8in_4x8   FRP panel, 3/8" thick, 4'x8', 525 resin
LHM_glassbubbles_1lb   Glass Bubbles, 1 lb.
LHM_graphite_1lb   Graphite Powder, 1 lb.
CCSF25_jig   Jig kit for CCSF25.5
LHM_kevlar_5oz_2in_yrd   Kevlar Tape, 5 oz, 2" wide, per yard
KG_Gallon_blue   Kiwigrip, 1 gallon (4 liter), Blue - with roller
KG_Gallon_cream   Kiwigrip, 1 gallon (4 liter), CREAM - with roller
KG_Gallon_GRAY   Kiwigrip, 1 gallon (4 liter), GRAY - with roller
KG_Gallon_Neutral-base   Kiwigrip, 1 gallon (4 liter), Neutral - with roller
KG_Gallon_white   Kiwigrip, 1 gallon (4 liter), White - with roller
KG_Quart_blue   Kiwigrip, 1 quart (1 liter), BLUE - with roller
KG_Quart_cream   Kiwigrip, 1 quart (1 liter), CREAM - with roller
KG_Quart_gray   Kiwigrip, 1 quart (1 liter), GRAY - with roller
KG_Quart_Neutral-base   Kiwigrip, 1 quart (1 liter), Neutral - with roller
KG_Quart_white   Kiwigrip, 1 quart (1 liter), WHITE - with roller
LHM_lamroller_3in   Lamination Roller 3"
LHM_lamroller_6in   Lamination Roller 6"
LHM_glove_latex_XL_each   Latex Glove, XL, each
LHM_MEKP_8oz   MEKP catalyst, clear, 8 oz
LHM_milledcotton_1lb   Milled Cotton Fiber, 1 lb.
LHM_milledfibers_1lb   Milled Fiber, 1 lb.
LM_9443_1-4   Neoprene Strips, 1/4" x 10' roll, fuel tank mounting
LM_5521_809   Notched Spreader, each
LHM_partal_number2_20oz   Partal Mold Release Paste wax
LHM_peelply_62in   Peel Ply, 62" wide
LHM_MB_1lb   Phenolic Micro Balloons, 1 lb.
LHM_cup_pint   Pint mixing cup, graduated
CCSF25   Plans for CCSF25.5
SS17   Plans for Shine Skiff 17 plans
LHM_plascore_1in_gridscored   Plascore Honeycomb core, 4'x8' sheet, 1" thickness, grid scored
LHM_plascore_1in_nonscored   Plascore Honeycomb core, 4'x8' sheet, 1" thickness, non-scored
LHM_plascore_1-2in_nonscored   Plascore Honeycomb core, 4'x8' sheet, 1/2" thickness, no-nscored
LHM_plascore_3-4in_gridscored   Plascore Honeycomb core, 4'x8' sheet, 3/4" thickness, grid scored
LHM_plascore_3-4in_nonscored   Plascore Honeycomb core, 4'x8' sheet, 3/4" thickness, no-nscored
LHM_spreader_6in   Plastic Spreader 6"
LHM_PVA_1qt   PVA, 1 quart
TCX-175-KM1005   QUANTUM Anti-Skid Additive - Course (QT = 1 LB)
TCX-165-KM1005   QUANTUM Anti-Skid Additive - Fine (QT = 1 LB)
SR-95-KM1021   QUANTUM Brushing Reducer (GAL)
SR-95-KM1056   QUANTUM Brushing Reducer (QT)
SR-002-KM1021   QUANTUM Surface and Equipment Cleaner
SR-005-KM1021   QUANTUM Warm Weather/Slow Reducer (GALLON)
SR-005-KM1056   QUANTUM Warm Weather/Slow Reducer (QT)
SR-45-KM1021   QUANTUM45 Epoxy Spray Reducer (GAL)
SR-45-KM1056   QUANTUM45 Epoxy Spray Reducer (QT)
SR-99-KM1021   QUANTUM99 Urethane Spray Reducer (GAL)
SR-99-KM1056   QUANTUM99 Urethane Spray Reducer (QT)
LHM_cup_1quart   Quart mixing cup, graduated
RAKA_hardener350_1gallon   RAKA Epoxy 350 Hardener (no-blush), 1 gallon
RAKA_hardener_1gallon   RAKA Epoxy Hardener, 1 Gallon
RAKA_hardener_1-2gallon   RAKA Epoxy Hardener, 1/2 Gallon
RAKA_hardener_quart   RAKA Epoxy Hardener, Quart
RAKA_resin127_1gallon   RAKA Epoxy Resin (127), 1 gallon
RAKA_resin127_1-2gallon   RAKA Epoxy Resin (127), 1/2 Gallon
RAKA_kit_1.5gallon   RAKA Epoxy, 1.5 gallon kit
RAKA_kit_12gallon   RAKA Epoxy, 12 gallon kit
RAKA_kit_15gallon   RAKA Epoxy, 15 gallon kit
RAKA_kit_3gallon   RAKA Epoxy, 3 gallon kit
RAKA_kit_3quart   RAKA Epoxy, 3 Quart kit
RAKA_kit_30gallon   RAKA Epoxy, 30 gallon kit
RAKA_kit_6gallon   RAKA Epoxy, 6 gallon kit
RAKA_kit_9gallon   RAKA Epoxy, 9 gallon kit
RAKA_UVkit_1.5gallon_slow   RAKA UV Inhibited Epoxy, 1.5 gallon kit
RAKA_UVkit_3gallon_slow   RAKA UV Inhibited Epoxy, 3 gallon kit
RAKA_UVkit_6gallon_slow   RAKA UV Inhibited Epoxy, 6 gallon kit
EMC_rollercovers_4pack   Roller Covers for EMC Quantum topcoat, 4 pack
LHM_rollerframe_4incage   roller frame 4", cage style
LHM_rollerframe_9incage   roller frame 9", cage style
LHM_silica_8oz   SIlica, 8 oz
LHM_smallboatkit   Small boat epoxy-fiberglass kit
LHM_smallboatkit_1   Small Boat Kit (stitch and glue)
LHM_Syringe_small   Syringe, small
LHM_talc_1lb   Talc, 1 lb.
LHM_vbag_36in_yard   Vacuum Bag (sealed bag), 36" wide, per yard
LHM_puttytape_30ftroll   Vacuum Bag tape (putty tape), 30 ft. roll
LHM_vbag_72in_yard   Vacuum Bag, 72" wide, per yard
RCI_33350-99_VE_RESIN_5gal   Vinylester Resin, 5 gallons
LHM_woodflour_pine_1lb   Wood Flour, pine, 1 lb.
LHM_woodflour_pine_20lb   Wood Flour, pine, 20 lb.

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