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How to build long stringers and wide transom
How to build long stringers and wide transom

To make a transom or stringers wider/longer than 8', you simply epoxy glue 2 or more layers together to achieve your desired thickness. Joints of the pieces are offset. This is as strong as a solid piece. epoxy for laminating stringers is here...

When gluing up the layers, use a long straight edge to ensure the tops of the stringers are straight. I like to use a piece of square aluminum tube (made for screen enclosures), they are cheap and available in long lengths.
For clamping use either weights or drywall screws. Course thread drywall screws can be used to draw the pieces together, remove the screws once the glue has hardened. Most hand held electric drill/screwdrivers have an adjustable torque setting which you can use to ensure close to equal pressure.
Brush/roll both faces to be glued with neat (unthickend) epoxy, apply epoxy glue to both faces using a notched spreader, then clamp.

This technique is used to build long stringers and transom cores wider than standard sheet material (4x8)