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Boat Plans FAQ
Boat Plans FAQ


Can I make changes to the design?: Yes, in most cases non-structural changes are easy, but we must review these on an individual basis. Please post questions regarding proposed changes at our forum and we will answer there. Link to the forum is here.

Can I scale the plans?: Maybe, each design is different. Please post the question at the message board and we will determine if scaling is reasonable.

What epoxy/fiberglass should I use?: We offer a very high quality epoxy system that has been used to build thousands of boat – at an excellent price. The weights and sizes of fiberglass we specify are readily available and also sold through our store. We make sure to offer all the very best materials at excellent prices to make building our designs easy and without any material selection drama/work

New design?: We will be introducing new designs over time, but we are very interested in suggestions and feedback. Please let us know what design you would like to build and we may be able to make it one of our next stock plans.

What am I buying when I buy "plans"?: Each plan set purchase is a license to build one boat. If you plan to build more than 5 boats of the same design, we can offer a reduced license fee.

All plans sales are final.

Plans are not transferable to third parties without expressed written consent from Joel Shine.

Plans are available in digital (PDF) or printed format.

Plans are copyright protected. No scanning, copying, or transferring of information contained in the plans to any third part without expressed written consent by Joel Shine.

If you are looking for a design and do not see what you are looking for in our portfolio, please contact us!! We will be adding new designs over time and we are lookign for feedback on which type of boat you are interested in building.