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About our boat plans and kits
About our boat plans and kits

About our boat plans and kits

About Us: Gulfstream Composites Boat Designs is a collaboration between Joel Shine (JS) and Ignacio Lopez Almenar (ILA). Our mission is to offer stock boat designs which are high performance, but within the building abilities of non-professional boat builder, using easily sourced materials. ILA's career as a naval architect and engineer joined with the boat building and technical expertise of Joel Shine results in professionally engineered boats that are easily built and functional.

Ignacio Lopez Almenar (ILA): ILA's career as a naval architect and marine engineer spans close to 50 years. ILA has and acted as project manager for many (80+) commercial ships and passenger vessels. Ships and boats designed by ILA have range from large steel commercial vessles, aluminum passenger craft to 20 meters, and GRP (fiberglass/composite) recreational boats. ILA' career has also included the development of several types ship design software, as well as teaching of naval architecture and engineering (university and post-graduate levels).

Joel Shine (JS): Joel Shine has been in the boat plans/kits business for over a decade. In that time he has offered expert technical support for thousands of customers who have built everything from simple canoes to 30'+ custom boats. JS has expertise and experience in composite materials and construction methods ranging from simple to advanced vacuum bagging and resin infusion. As an avid fisherman, JS begins each design from the view of the boat builder and the end user.

About our plans: Our designs take advantage of modern composite materials to give a boat that is extremely strong and light weight. The boat designs and plans are conceptualized and drawn with the amateur builder in mind. Plans include all parts dimensioned, construction details, nesting, and building notes. Our plans take advantage of modern 3D computer modeling in order to reduce waste, save weight, and make building easier. We offer full technical support throughout the build, from the building of the jigs all the way to the final finishing and painting. Our plans are designed to ISO standards and bear the CE designation! We offer professionally engineered boat designs, that are conceptualized by a boat builder and sportsman.

CNC kits: While our designs can be built with simple tools, many builders appreciate the time and labor savings of having jigs and parts cut by CNC. We offer CNC jig kits for all our designs (hull panel kits also when applicable). We have designed and built many CNC jig kits and understand how to leverage this tool in order to save the builder time and money.

If you are searching for a design and do not see what you are looking for in our portfolio, please contact us!! We will be adding new designs over time and we are interested in feedback on which type of boat you are interested in building.